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Opportunities for Tech Professionals

Techies is looking for qualified service professionals to join our service network. If you have 3 or more years of computer service, home electronics installation or computer software training experience we have opportunities for you.

Onsite Computer/IT Service from Local Professionals

We're in your neighborhood, and just a phone call away

Whether you own a small business or work from home, computer downtime is something you cannot afford. When orders aren't being processed and emails aren't being answered, you're losing money - and customers. Techies is a nationwide network of experienced computer and IT experts who will get you back up and running quickly, and at a cost you can afford. Techies always provides upfront pricing, and a money-back guarantee is standard on every service call. 

Money Back Guarantee
Business and Home Service
Techies in All 50 States
and Canada
Fast Onsite Service
(2hrs most locations)
Prices 40% lower than other national providers
Up-front, online pricing